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Get to Know Hannah Co-Owner

Interior design was something I loved from a very young age. I recall getting home from school before either of my parents and completely rearranging the living room and the dining room. While my parents were always very shocked they loved how I could shift the furniture and take what we already had and give the space a refresh. Little did they know they were getting free design services!


I attended Eastern Washington University and studied graphic design for almost three years. When we began to develop Love your Space, I was able to translate that knowledge into our business by developing a unique 3D design rendering process that would make it simple for clients to truly envision their space.


When I first moved to Arizona I knew I wanted to get into interior design, but wasn't quite sure how. I began working at Ashley furniture in sales where I grew an absolute love for talking with people every day and providing, once again "free" design services. But I absolutely loved it, I even had one customer send me a final reveal of the sketch I drew out for them and the furniture I ordered for them in the layout I recommended. That's when I realized how much I needed to be doing this career.


On a slow day of the week, the store received a call. Someone out of state needing an entire house furnished. However, they also wanted someone to accept the delivery at the house as well as go shop and decorate it. Without a second thought I offered myself up for the task. It took me about two days to select all 'in stock' furniture, and with in  two weeks I had the house fully decorated and furnished. Three days later the house was rented out for three months. These out of state customers spoke so highly of me and were so grateful that I was able to help them. Being out of state investors, it took a lot off their shoulders.


I then realized how much of a need their was for people out of state. whether that be an investor or a family purchasing their second home. I realized there was a need for full service decorating. I also came to realize, through meeting Kendra how much of a need there was to offer services to people for any size space. 


Whenever people ask how Kendra and I met we always stare at each other and think of how we are going to answer since it is a bit out of the blue. When I purchased my car from her husband, we were chatting and he said his wife had been needed to get their daughters bedroom decorated, and although she was phenomenal at decorating, didn't have the courage to attack it alone, since it pretty much spiked her heartrate anytime she entered it. Fast forward, her husband convinced me to meet up with her, and there sparks our origin story. I met up with Kendra and we decided to do her daughters bedroom together, and realized we worked so well together and that we wanted to provide the service that no one could provide her or the people I had worked with before. 

Love Your Space is our pride and joy and we are so in love with what we do and so grateful that we can provide a broad selection of services to meet the needs of our unique client projects.

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Get to Know Kendra Co-Owner

I was born and raised in Michigan.  After attending Western Michigan University in the field of occupational therapy, I completed two internships.  I decided to get out of the snow and traveled west to sunny Arizona and California.  I fell in love with the Phoenix weather and have called Arizona home for over 20 years.  I am married to my wonderful husband Josh, who I met while completing one of those internships.  We have two children and a dog.   


In the fall of 2021, I decided to take a break from working as an occupational therapist and focus my time on the role of mom.  During all this extra time at home one of my goals was to address the state of my 10 year old daughter's bedroom.  It was definitely a mix of creativity, 5-minute crafts, artistic displays, splattered with an eclectic mix of a sticky hand on the ceiling (which had been stuck for 2 years), Christmas garland, a surfboard and lava lamps.   My daughter loved it, only one small problem . . . my Apple watch alerted me every time I stepped foot in the bedroom telling me, "Breathe, just breathe.  A moment of deep breathing can significantly reduce stress."  Realizing my watch never did this during any other points of the day I realized one thing, my daughter's bedroom was going to cause me to have a heart attack.  All jokes aside, I knew I had to change things.  I wanted her to love her space and for my watch not to ding when I set foot inside to get the laundry.


I decided to call in the professionals and hire an interior decorator.  After asking for some recommendations I began making some phone calls.  First place was a minimum spend of $25,000, second place was not taking on projects less than $50,000 plus design fees, and the third was booked aside from $75,000 or greater collaborations.  Gasp! This was my 10 year old daughter's bedroom that may very well have another slime explosion in the foreseeable future.   My husband said well why don't you just do it, you love to decorate and have done a nice job with furnishing the rest of our home.   One small problem, my daughter and I didn't see eye to eye on the overall vision. 


A few weeks later through a twist of fate, I met Hannah.  She had recently moved to Arizona from the state of Washington.  She had been going to college for graphic design and was working at a furniture store but ultimately wanted to be an interior designer.  Perfect, just who I was looking for.  Let's start on my daughter's bedroom!  


Fast forward a few months, we hit it off.  We met to generate ideas for a name, logo (credit to Hannah's graphic design skills), business cards, and formed our business Love Your Space.


The business launch date was April 4th and we had our first client on April 5th.  No it was not my daughter!  It was a commercial office space project.  In a short period of time we have completed several firsts including fully furnishing a 4-story beach house in Carlsbad, CA!  


Although it was scary to stop working as an occupational therapist after 20 years, I have definitely found my true calling.  It is rewarding to meet the needs of our clients.  I live for the final reveal moments and look on the face of our clients as they fall in love with their newly decorated space. 

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